Land Sector Project
Ethiopia Agriculture High yield castor oil production in Ethiopia
Ethiopia Agriculture Growing and processing Raisin Tomato in Tigray, Ethiopia
Ethiopia Eco-tourisme Establishing an eco-lodge at Lake Tana, Ethiopia
Ethiopia Food & Beverage Gorgora Nova Spa Resort & Water Lodges
Ethiopia Food & Beverage Industrial baltena and injera sauce production in Ethiopia
Ethiopia Food & Beverage Industrial Injera Production in Ethiopia
Ethiopia Food & Beverage HACCP-certified, semi-processed, deep frozen meat products
Ethiopia Horticulture HACCP-certified, semi-processed, deep frozen meat products
Ethiopia Horticulture Establishing a lily cultivation site in Awassa, Ethiopia
Ethiopia Horticulture Production of pre-base seeds and hybrid seeds in a closed soil system
Ethiopia ICT Developing the market for Advanced Planning Solutions
Ethiopia Laboratory Tissue culture in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Ethiopia Manufacturing Developing the kitchen and bathroom sector in Ethiopia
Ethiopia Services Professional Trade Exhibitions in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Ethiopia Renewable energy Production of Solar LED Lanterns in Ethiopia
Ethiopia Food & Beverage FairChain Coffee, Ethiopia
Egypt Health care The establishment of a modern Sports Medical and Rehabilitation Centre
Brazil Renewable energy Production of Babassu Charcol
Brazil Horticulture Haalbaarheid van teelt en marktintroductie van Witlof in NO-Brazilië
Burundi Dairy Introduction of the first UHT milk processing industry in Burundi
Burundi Food & Beverage Production of fruits concentrates in rural areas in Burundi
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Food & Beverage Biscuitery Baobab Boma
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Eco-tourism Boyoma eco-lodge
Georgia Horticulture Hydroponic production of lettuce and herbs using geothermal energy
Ghana Construction Renewable energy and eco utility technologies in a residence setting
Kenya Renewable energy Breakthrough in solar energy manufacturing in East Africa
Kenya Eco-tourism Kipini Swahili Eco-lodge
Nepal Construction Light weight panels to enable eco-friendly prefab construction in Nepal
Nepal ICT Introducing a shared platform to boost e-learning in Nepal
Nepal Renewable energy Freeflow River Energy in Nepal using Tocardo-turbines
Nepal Health care Production of Thermo-stable Newcastle Disease vaccine Nepal
Pakistan ICT Voice biometric identification in Pakistan
Tanzania Horticulture Introducing southern Hemisphere calla tuber propagation to Tanzania.
Thailand Automotive Production of eTuks in Thailand in a Green Wheels Thailand factory
Thailand Manufacturing Establishing a production site for manufacturing of tracking and tracing devices in Thailand.
Turkije Horticulture Haalbaarheid teelt groente in kassen op basis van geothermie